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Religious Education

Surrey Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education | Diocese of Guildford

Our Religious Education teaching is in accordance with Surrey’s “Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education”.

The children learn about Christianity, Judaism and Islam, either as separate subjects or as part of the school’s topics. We believe it is important that our children become familiar with the main world religions as appropriate to their level of understanding to teach tolerance and respect for those with different beliefs or no belief, as stated in the British Values that all schools must teach.

The use of suitable fiction, the exploration of social and moral issues and appropriate stories and artefacts from these religions are used to promote understanding.


Our whole school assemblies are an enjoyable and valuable part of the school day. They offer an opportunity for exploration and reflection as well as time for celebration of the children's’ achievements. We are fortunate to have established links with local churches and welcome the local vicars to share assemblies with the children on a monthly basis. We teach values through our assemblies and circle times in class through the use of stories and role play.