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Godalming Learning Partnership - GLP

We are proud to be a part of the 'Godalming Learning Partnership'.  
On Monday 13th May 2019 Headteachers, Governors and dignitaries gathered at each school in our group and had an assembly at the same time, singing the same songs and being presented with the same plaque to display in our welcome areas.  We then proceeded to The Chandler C.E. School where a ceremony was carried out to launch our partnership, with centre stage taken by the children who cut the ribbon (and ate the cake!)  
I find what the formation of this group means to be hard to put into words, however two wonderful children from Godalming Junior School summed it up perfectly with their confidently and articulately delivered speech:

"Achieving more together.

Working together is key. Going alone can sometimes be difficult but working together will achieve friendship, stronger relationships and greatness. By working together as a community, we will all feel the benefit and power of friendship. Working together as a team will help our schools succeed.

Achieving more together.

I believe that all children can achieve anything with the right education. Each of our schools are a part of a puzzle and if we connect these pieces well, we can have a great future ahead of us. Each school is different and can combine and make a new start. The song ‘Here comes the sun’ symbolises our new beginning.

Achieving more together.

Two hands are better than one. One of the many benefits we can realise together is sharing and creating ideas that will help us enjoy life at our schools and learn more. Together we can solve problems and fund events that couldn’t be done by just one school. Together we can create places where children yearn to learn, have fun and receive a better education for all."