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At Milford School we sometimes give some home learning through our Google Classrooms.  In some cases this is to make parents aware of what we have been working on so that they can support their children to the best of their ability. We do however recognise that many parents have limited time to spend with their children and we encourage families to spend quality time together.  Wherever possible, we ask that parents read with their child every day as this is a fundamental skill and helps improve the life chances of our pupils.
We would recommend that children are involved in practical activities such as educational board games, sport, music, art where possible.

As stated above, we ask that parents spend between ten and twenty minutes per day sharing a book with their child.  Phonics workshops are held regularly to explain our methods of introducing Phonic language. Further advice on how parents may help, will be provided on request.  Do look on for webinars and parent videos and advice to support your child.

Occasionally Mathematics or spelling homework is given. Usually it will involve work that is linked to the current topic. Parents are encouraged to use practical methods of helping children with mathematics at home, e.g. counting out change, telling the time, dividing food into halves, and quarters, etc.