Physical Education and Sports

At Milford School we aim to provide the children with plenty of opportunity to exercise their bodies and to develop essential Games, Athletic and Gymnastic skills. As part of our daily routine, our children get to complete the 'Daily Mile' (weather permitting!) 

Once the children have acquired basic skills, they learn to enjoy competitive sports and they play rounders, hockey, football, tag rugby etc. at their own level in small teams. Dance is  included as an important part of our Physical Education teaching.

We either have one long PE session or two PE sessions per week, high quality planning and resources to develop our staff's ability to teach high quality PE.  This is tailored to meet individual teachers and class need and is planned, carried out and assessed using REAL PE.

After school throughout the year there are opportunities for our children to take part in extra curricular clubs including tennis, football, gymnastics, tag rugby and 'Boogie Pumps'. These are provided by outside agencies and incur a small charge.  We make at least one club available free of charge to children considered as Pupil Premium to enable wider participation.

Children in Year 2 attend 10 weeks of swimming lessons at Godalming Leisure. As the school is unable to finance these swimming lessons or the coach travel to the pool, parents are requested to make a contribution to cover the cost. If at any time we do not receive enough contributions, we ask our PTA - The Milford Friends to help with any shortfall after Sports Premium funding surplus has been allocated.  In the event we do not have enough parental support for this additional offer outside of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1, we may have to cancel.