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PSHE & Citizenship

Personal, Social and Health Education (including RSE - Relationship Education)

Work covered in PSHE contributes to all aspects of personal development. It promotes childrens' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and introduces them to the importance of a healthy and safe lifestyle.  We make use of the Jigsaw PSHE planning and guidance to support our planning and curriculum design and delivery. 

We start each week with a Jigsaw assembly to introduce the whole school focus for the week and we end each unit with Jigsaw awards.

In addition to this, at times we supplement our teaching with use of the 'Family Links' literature for targeted circle time sessions.  During circle time sessions the children are expected to think, listen and be respectful at all times.  It is a good opportunity to discuss feelings, events that have happened and to work together to build a better understanding of how we think and feel at different times.  The collaborative nature of circle time means that in many cases, the children are the ones coming up with support ideas and solutions to problems their classmates may be facing.

There is a School Council with representatives elected from each class. The meetings are held regularly to discuss issues raised by the children and to actively involve them in the decision making process of the school.

Study of the animal world includes Sex Education, which is at a level appropriate for the 4-7 age range. Questions, which arise naturally from this work, are answered truthfully and sensitively by the staff.

Once ratified, our policy and approach to RSE will be detailed below.