History and Geography


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History and Geography are taught regularly across Key Stage 1.  Units of learning often begin with a 'hook' to interest, engage and excite the children about what is to come. 

Children are encouraged to develop an awareness of the past through stories and events from different periods and cultures and by learning about everyday life. They are encouraged to carry out their own research by identifying their immediate environment and through appropriate artefacts, literature and the Internet. They learn about the environment and are encouraged to ask geographical and historical questions about people and places. They begin to learn how to use appropriate resources such as photographs, maps and ICT to find the answers.

The Geography curriculum has been designed to start locally, before expanding to other areas of Europe and the world.

In Reception children learn about History and Geography through topics including All about Me, Superheroes, Toys, Food glorious Food, Paws, Claws, Feathers and Fins and Journeys.

In Year 1 children learn about History and Geography through the topics of Our Wonderful World, How does your Garden Grow? Which way to the Tower? What is the most amazing Toy? and Do you like to be beside the seaside?

In Year 2 children learn about History and Geography through the topics of Significant People (Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale), Our Local Area.