We are delighted to Welcome you to book on to one of our Prospective New Entrant Tours with the Senior Leaders in School, please call the School Office on 01483 422087 or email info@milford.surrey.sch.uk to book a space. Dates are listed on the Admission & Tour Dates button.

About Us

Milford School is situated on an extremely attractive and extensive site, which occupies a central position in the village of Milford, close to local shops and St John’s Church.

The school has its own large playing field, a large playground at the rear of the main building and a smaller, secure Reception Class playground at the front. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the learning experiences offered by maximising the use of indoor and outdoor space.  Recently this has seen us redevelop our pond area, gardening area (with planters for every class) and we are in the process of redeveloping learning zones on our field to provide outdoor classroom spaces.

The main building comprises four large classrooms, a spacious hall, kitchen, staff room, offices and cloakroom/toilet facilities. The children's toilets have been fully refurbished in the last couple of years and provide a clean, fresh area for the children.  We have a newly installed library which is visited by the children (with their own Milford library card) on a regular basis, with sessions led by and books changed by one of our amazing volunteers so that every child gets a rich weekly library session each week. The library also doubles up as a Learning Hub, in which small groups of children are able to work in a quiet, distraction free area, with the assistance of classroom support staff, a teacher, or a volunteer helper. In the main building we have cooking facilities so that up to three classes at a time can be preparing delicious food in their classrooms (sometimes linked to learning in History or Science).  The school hall is used daily by our Milford staff led Breakfast Club (fees applicable).  

Within the school grounds we have many well-established trees and shrubs. The addition of an additional trim trail have helped to provide an environment that is pleasing to the eye, as well as being a valuable learning resource.

Between the main building and the large playground, there is a two classroom building with a covered outside learning area which houses Elm and Lime (Year 2) classes.

The school is co-educational. At present it caters for a maximum of 180 children, ranging in age from four years to seven plus years.

Our classes are currently organised into 6 classes:

  • Willow Class: Reception, age 4-5 years
  • Oak Class: Reception, age 4-5 years
  • Cherry Class: Year 1, age 5-6
  • Beech Class: Year 1, age 5-6
  • Lime Class: Year 2, age 6-7
  • Elm Class: Year 2, age 6-7
Whilst each teacher is primarily involved with their own class groups of children, it is school policy that staff share their particular talents within the school wherever possible. In addition to their responsibilities, each teacher has a curriculum responsibility e.g. Maths, English, Computing, Science, etc. This involves attending relevant courses and training, sharing information and monitoring the standards of achievement in that subject throughout the school.
Further Curriculum Information
All documents relating to this school are freely available in the curriculum section of the website, or if you require printed copies, at the office.

Parents are welcome to see any of our policy documents and schemes of work. We hope this will enable them to gain some insight into the way we teach and the detail covered under each area of learning.
Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from lessons for Religious Education, Assemblies and Relationships Education, however we encourage you to get in touch to discuss this prior to making any decisions. In such cases the school will provide alternative learning opportunities for the children. This may be arranged by application to the Headteacher.