Year R news

Snow day! We all had 'snow' much fun making a snowman, rolling giant snowballs and throwing a few at our grown-ups too!
Over the last fortnight, we have greatly enjoyed exploring the book, 'On Sudden Hill', a book about friendship and using your imagination. The children have worked collaboratively in groups to create large box creations; they have planned and then used their plans to make an individual box creation (developing our Design & Technology skills); they have also had an introduction to  using watercolour and painted a 'rainy scene' from the story; all of which has additionally led to some wonderful writing.
As part of our 'Superheroes' topic this term, the children have enjoyed the story 'Supertato' and created their very own super vegetables. They have also learnt to use 'Easispeak' microphones to record voices.
Please check out our Super Veg and listen* to their super powers below...
*Please click on the speaker icon on each slide
As part of our superhero training, we have made our very own superhero masks to hide our real identities.
Can you guess who we are?...