Year 1 'home learning'

Please work through home learning at your own pace.  We are very aware that many parents are working from home, caring for others, have younger siblings etc. so please plan your learning to suit you and your family circumstances. 
Maths and computing w/c 11.5.20
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Week beginning Monday 11th May 
Jack and the Beanstalk
Read the instructions for this great learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk.
 Week beginning Monday 4th May
Learn to play Clock Patience with Mrs S!
All you need is a deck of cards. Watch part 1 to set the game up and then part 2 show you how to play it. Good Luck!
School is closed due to coronavirus, so we have provided a pack of learning for your child and will put further resources here regularly.  You can send photos of learning/contact your teacher at the following addresses:

You should also have received your child's login for Discovery Education (Espresso) where there is a wealth of resources available to support their learning.


Wednesday 22nd April
Today's English and Phonics learning has also been posted on Google Classroom.
Tuesday 21 April
Home learning has been updated on our Google Classroom.  If you cannot access the classroom then the documents are also posted below.
Hello Year One and welcome back to the summer term!
We love seeing all of your learning and the messages you send us, so keep them coming, even if it's a short message to tell us what you have been up to.
Today, we've posted English, phonics, music, PE and computing!
Mrs Szczepanski and Mrs Hearsum
PE - Monday 20th April
Some of you have been working out with Joe Wicks every morning, but here's a dance routine for the week. We tried it and it's not as easy as it looks! Practise it every day!
Please make use of this fantastic free resource including Oxford ebooks.  

Click on the link, then scroll down to find the FREE ebook library. Click and you can then hit the eBooks for age 5 to 6. In the levels section you’ll find the correct book band for your child. You can work through these books making sure you record what you have read in your reading record.

It is important for your child to read the right level of reading book: if books are too easy, children will not be challenged and not make as much progress; if books are too difficult, children will lose understanding of the story and not gain as much pleasure from reading. They would need to understand what they are reading and answer questions about the text (comprehension). Children should be getting no more than 1 in 10 words wrong on average. About 95% success coupled with good comprehension.

Age 5–6 (Year 1)

Oxford Level 3 | Book Band Yellow
Oxford Level 4 | Book Band Blue
Oxford Level 5 | Book Band Green
Oxford Level 6 | Book Band Orange

Find useful free phonics games and ideas from PhonicsPlay online at       Username: march20      Password: home
Friday 3rd April 2020
Design and Technology
This YouTube video is amazing! You can make a dinosaur out of a cereal packet without any glue. Also, can everyone save their cardboard toilet rolls as we'll be posting some more fun things to make after Easter!
English - writing challenge
How about writing a dinosaur adventure? First, give your dinosaur a name and think about where he might live (steamy swamp), what does he look like? Next, think about what he does and where he goes, maybe he meets his friends or finds a volcano or gets trapped in a cave! Who will rescue him?
TALK about your story first. Remember if you can TALK it you can WRITE it.
Your English task is to have a go at writing a short story about your dinosaur. If you can't make a dinosaur out of cardboard then draw one. Good luck!
2 April Update
Please check out new home learning for maths, science and geography below.
You should have received an email giving details of how to join us on Google Classroom.  If not, or if you are having trouble connecting, please email your teacher on the home learning email addresses at the top of this page.
Thank you
Wednesday 1st April - update
As more people are accessing Google Classroom we are posting learning on there and here on the website.  Check your email for a Google sign-up link to come and join us!  We anticipate that we will move over to Google completely after Easter.
Here is today's English learning from Mrs S.
Wednesday, 1 st April 2020 ENGLISH
Our Learning is to combine words to make sentences. ENGLISH - You’ll need your Expresso login for this activity again Log into Expresso and hover over Key Stage 1 and click English, then find Grammar and Punctuation. We’re going to learn about combining words to make sentences. Click on SENTENCES and watch the first video, then have a go at activity 1 and 2. Good luck! Star challenge - Go back to the video. Can you make the sentences more interesting by adding describing words (adjectives). Here’s an example – Polly is picking up pretty shells on the sandy beach. Remember capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop at the end. Please email us if you are having difficulty logging into Expresso.

Monday, 30th March 2020 UPDATE   

ENGLISH - You’ll need your Expresso login for this activity and phonics below

Log into Expresso and hover over Key Sage 1 and click English, then find Grammar and Punctuation.

We’re going to learn about adding -s and -es at the end of words to make them plural.

Click on WORD and watch the video, then have a go at activity 1 and 2. Good luck!

Star challenge - write some sentences using some of the words in activity 2. Remember capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop at the end.

Don’t forget to look out for plural words when you’re next reading!

Please email us if you are having difficulty logging into Expresso.


PHONICS – Meet Scrap, Polly, Kim and Ash         Phonics on Expresso – an introduction.

Phonics learning is split into phases. Phase 1 is taught throughout nursery and pre-school. Phase 2 and 3 are taught during Year R and Phase 3 – 5 carries on through Year 1, applying these through writing.

Log into Expresso and hover over Key Stage 1 and click English, scroll down and you’ll see PHONICS. These are the videos we watch at school. As each child is working at a different stage you might like to start with Phase 4 which are adjacent consonants like, st, cl tr, pl, etc. You’ll then begin to see how secure your child is at Phase 2/3. By all means move on to Phase 5 with Ash to consolidate what we’ve learnt at school. There’s a video and activities for each sound (phoneme). Work through them, one a day, and keep a record of where you have got up to. We hadn’t started Phase 5 ‘alternative sounds’ yet with Scully (we usually begin this at the beginning of June) so consolidate all the others over the coming weeks.

Star challenge – write down the words in each video as you watch them, then get mum or dad, brother or sister to read them out for you to spell. At this stage it’s all about remembering what the word looks like and recalling the spelling.



Every week we have singing assembly and we have been learning the song ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing.’ Click on the link so you can read the words as you sing and don’t forget the actions that we learnt! Sing it loud!

Home learning for 30.3.20  - Maths, science and history.

27th March Today's learning   - SEE BELOW FOR THIS WEEK'S STARS OF THE WEEK!


We’ve had some emails about reading so we’ve added some guidance below the OXFORD OWL link. We hope it’s helpful.


How about writing a recount of this week? Recounts are really good to help you remember your experiences and writing them in the correct order. Think back to Monday and write about all the things you’ve done. It may be a good idea to keep a diary over the coming weeks.

Do you remember the evacuee war diary that belonged to Mr Hearsum’s Dad? We read lots of the entries out in class. He went down to the south coast to live, away from London during the Blitz, and he wrote about the kittens being born. One day you’ll look back at your 2020 diary and enjoy reading through each day and what you and your family did to keep the germs at bay! Please share some with us.


27.3.20  Year 1 Star of the Week - Congratulations!
Martha for marvellous maths learning
Jack C for an amazing tiger information book
Gabriel for fantastic learning at home
Esme for a fabulous tiger information book
Check your email for the certificates.
Thursday 26th March Update
We have been delighted to hear from so many families and are incredibly proud of how our Year 1 children are adapting to life in these unusual times.  With this in mind, we would like to put all of you on the rainbow!  Please draw, collage or paint yourself a rainbow - they can be displayed in a window for neighbours to see or anywhere at home to share with your family.
Yesterday we said that new learning would be updated against a timetable for next week.  We will be adding that to this page over the next few days but as it says above, please do not feel overwhelmed and certainly don't try to do too much at once.  If you can safely get outside for some exercise or in the garden then please do prioritise time in the sunshine.
Watch this space tomorrow for Star of the Week!
You may also have had a message from Mr Stear about setting up a Google Classroom account.  Please follow the instructions and we will provide more information in due course.  If you have not had a message, don't worry school will contact you in the coming days.
Take care and please keep in touch
Year 1 Team
Wednesday 25th March Update   Today's Challenge and Star of the Week news!
Today's Challenge is to TIDY YOUR BEDROOM, ask your mum or dad to time you and give you a mark out of 10! If you share your room, work together. How long did it take you and what mark did you achieve?
Hello Year 1!
This Friday we will be awarding Star of the Week to individuals in Beech and Cherry Class who have shone in their home learning this week, so don't delay email your learning as soon as you can. We've already had photos of children joining in with Joe Wicks PE every morning, super 'Tiger Fact' books and wonderful artwork.
From Mon 30th March we will set up the following timetable of learning. Please dip in and out during the week and do what you feel you can manage. There is no expectation to complete all of the learning.
Mon -PE,  English, phonics/reading and music
Tues - PE, Maths, science and history
Weds - PE, English, phonics/reading
Thurs - PE, Maths, science and geography
Fri - PE, English, phonics/reading, art and DT
Please email us with any questions you have, we're here to help you and we love hearing from the children.
Year 1 Team
Tuesday 24th March 2020 Update
Hi Year 1,
We hope you are all staying safe and helping out at home whilst learning! Thank you for the fantastic learning you have already emailed to us. If you haven't already done so, please can you email us just to make contact with Mrs Hearsum and Mrs Szczepanski. This is so we know you are ok and you can access our learning. We will reply as soon as we can. Take care and we look forward to hearing from you.
23.3.20 Update
Thank you to everyone for your support as we get home learning up and running. 
Today we have added some phonics activities to complement the learning already sent home (see below).
Take care.
The Year 1 Team
20.3.20  Update
By the end of the weekend every child in Year 1 should have received an envelope containing home learning.  (If you have not received anything by Sunday evening please contact your teacher via the email on this page.)  
Please do not do all the tasks at once!  Learning should be timetabled to fit with your family's individual needs.  We are well aware that every family has their own challenges at this difficult time and do not want anyone to feel overwhelmed.  
You may have heard that Joe Wicks is providing daily PE workouts on You Tube from Monday.  This is a link to an example.  
We would love to hear from everyone next week; please do not feel that any message needs to be accompanied by "work" completed, we would just like to hear how you are getting on.
Please reassure your children that they are still in Cherry and Beech classes and we are still their teachers, we are just learning apart from each other for a while.
Take care
The Year One Team