Structure of Governing body

Changes in Governance Committee Structure in Milford Infant School 2014-15
Traditionally there have been two sub-committee of the main Governing Body at Milford Infant School; the Finance & Resources Committee and the Teaching & Learning Committee.
These met half-termly with another Full Governing Body meeting termly.
The Head and Chair of Governors agreed that this structure was causing unnecessary duplication of effort and that we would trial moving to two Full Governing Body meetings a term, one with a Teaching & Learning focus and one with a Financial focus.
The benefits to this approach are:
  • Less duplication between sub-committee and full governing body meetings, as data was typically the same at sub-committee and full governing body level.
  • Increased understanding of all governors regarding decision making (both the impact on school's learning as well as the financial impact).
Subsequent to the second meeting held in 2015 the Governors were asked to vote on whether they felt the new approach was better. They did so, and this has been minuted.
Therefore the sub-committees were dissolved and the chairs of the sub-committees became vice chairs of the main committee with immediate effect.
The Performance related pay committee and the Appeals committee will remain unchanged.