School Visits

The role of Governing Body is to monitor the progress and performance of the school. Governors agree to visit the school at least once a year when they become a governor at Milford. This can take any form.  The visits will enable the governors to:

  • See the school at work
  • Get to know the staff
  • Give active support
  • Be aware of the effects of change
  • Work in partnership with the staff

Our visits enable the Governors to support the School Development Plan (SDP) for this academic year. Once visits are complete, Governors responsible for each visit report back to the full body on observations and recommendations.


2016/17 SDP priorities

  1. To accelerate progress and raise attainment for all learners (including PP and SEND)

Potential areas to cover in a visit:

    1. How is parental engagement being managed?
    2. How is handwriting progress being accelerated?
    3. Literacy and maths progress
    4. Creativity in the curriculum and how this supports improved progress


  1. Review and develop assessment systems throughout the school

Potential areas to cover in a visit:

    1. Improved use of pupil asset
    2. How assessment policy is created and monitored
    3. Moderation processes in the school
    4. How feedback and marking policy is used


  1. Develop leadership at all levels

Potential areas to cover in a visit:

    1. Development of staff through staff development meetings
    2. Monitoring schedule
    3. Collaborative working of governors
    4. Appraisal policy
    5. Training and support for middle leaders
    6. Senior leadership development
    7. Learning support Assistant strategy


  1. Develop use of ICT throughout the school

Potential areas to cover in a visit:

    1. Details of SDP


The Headteacher has been asked


  1. To manage stakeholder involvement in the governors’ development of a new vision for the school and to draft a 3 year strategic plan for its implementation.  

Potential areas to cover in a visit:

    1. What is the plan, monitoring of progress.


Additionally, we have statutory requirements to look at:

Running the school efficiently and effectively

Visits we must perform relate to:

    1. Management of current expenditures
    2. Procurement policies and processes
    3. Staffing expenditure/appraisal
    4. Fraud prevention and detection (internal procedures)
    5. Safeguarding
    6. Attendance