Reception 'home learning'

Here is the story linked to our home learning about rabbits today - 'The Rhyming Rabbit' by Julia Donaldson...
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Today's Reception story is 'Six Dinner Sid' by Inga Moore - a tale of a very greedy pet cat! We hope that you enjoy it. It's read by 'Storytime with the Shakesbies' on You Tube.
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Here is today's Reception story 'Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy' by Lynley Dodd (read by an unknown on 'Books Alive!' on YouTube but with some great voices!)
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Here is today's story - another by author Julia Donaldson, 'What the Ladybird Heard'. 
Hope you enjoy it.
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Here is today's story - 'A Squash and a Squeeze' by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.
Hope you enjoy it - particularly poignant for a country in lockdown... Take care x
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Happy Earth Day, everyone!
Here is today's story... another farm-related tale from author Martin Waddell. This one is called 'The Pig in the Pond'. I hope you enjoy it.
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Here is today's story, 'Farmer Duck' by Martin Waddell.
Hope you enjoy it.
Friday 03.04.20
As it is the last day of term before the Easter holidays we wanted to say thank you for the wonderful learning that you have been doing at home. We have really enjoyed reading about and seeing you having fun with your family.  
We also thought it would be useful to include some Easter activities to do if you would like to keep busy. Of course these are optional and there is no need to email this learning to us over the Easter break. You may prefer to play games with your family, play in the garden and have a rest.
After Easter, Google Classroom will be the main way that we will be communicating with both Oak and Willow classes. If you haven't signed up yet, then please do so before the Summer term starts again. There will be links to learning and activities to complete. If you have difficulty accessing this or the material then please email your class teacher/s on:
Also, don't forget that there will be regular stories added to this website read by Milford staff.
Have a wonderful Easter break and we look forward to hearing from you all in a few weeks.   
Best wishes
The EYFS team
Wednesday 01.04.20
Thank you for continuing to email us on and with messages and photos of the fantastic learning that is going on at home. We are impressed by all the writing, reading, number learning, phonics, construction, craft, P.E. and much more so far! 
Please keep a look out for an email inviting you to join Google Classroom. When you have signed up, Mr Stear will send each class a link for you to join him for a story later on today. After Easter we will be using both Zoom and Google Classroom to continue teaching Oak and Willow children.    
Tuesday 31.03.20
We thought it would be helpful to share some resources that can be used to help improve and develop letter formation. It's really important to try and get the basics right as early as possible to avoid developing habits that can then cause issues later down the line. This includes pencil grip so also below is a useful poster to help show the different stages of typical development - the aim is for the children to use the 'dynamic' tripod grip in the long run in order to avoid any discomfort or strain ('static' is common in EYFS too). The activities below tie in nicely with our 'Pen Pals' handwriting scheme. They are an optional but hopefully useful resource...
Monday 30.03.20
Week 2 here we go...
In addition to your School home learning packs, please find below a link to some wonderful White Rose Maths home learning too. There are daily Maths activities that you can choose from loosely linked to a book (you may find links to other people reading these books on YouTube - *N.B. Please check suitability first before you and your child watch any online stories and then please watch them together so you can talk about them and check for inappropriate pop-ups - these can occur even with robust filtering / parental controls*. The activities, however, can be done even without having read the books.
Also, please find below links to some natural arts and crafts with 'Badger Forest School' - you can learn to make your very own 'Stickman' and also create a 'smashing' Japanese leaf-dye or 'Hapa Zome'. You will need a few materials to do these. Have a look and have a go if you can and remember to send us some photos... 
Friday 27.03.20
Thank you to all of you who have managed to send an update, some examples of home learning or simply a note to say hello this week. Could we please ask again that any Reception parent who has not yet made contact to please drop an email to or as soon as you possibly can. 
This will enable us to send the children a reply and know that everyone is safe and well as the weekend approaches... Please note that it does not need attachments of home learning (although these are always welcome!) but rather just a quick line to say 'Hi'.
You are an amazing bunch! We fully appreciate that it is no simple task trying to juggle everything that is going on in our lives at the moment. Please remember the key message to work through home learning at a realistic pace and schedule that suits your family and your circumstances.
We hope you enjoy your weekend and some sunshine.
Lots of love from,
The EYFS Team
Tuesday 24.03.20 - Funky Fingers and more!
Please find below the link to our Funky Fingers music [Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' with Minions video footage] for those of you who wish to use this at home (or simply have a listen / dance!)
There are many different activities that help to develop fine motor control. Here are just a few but the list is by no means exhaustive. You can find others by searching on Google / Twinkl / Pinterest and feel free to come up with your own!:
  • Sort different sizes of pasta / beans
  • Sorting different coloured / sized items into piles - how many of each colour do you have?
  • Draw a spiral shape and then draw multicoloured dots or place small stickers on top.
  • Stack buttons into towers - how many did you use in your 'tallest' tower?
  • Threading buttons or beads onto pipe cleaners / straws ' sticks - this could be combined with recognising numerals / counting
  • Doing up any kind of fastening (and undoing it too!)
  • Drawing around objects to create different 2d shapes and then cutting them out
  • Cutting out pictures from a magazine to create a picture or perhaps a collage
  • Using chalks to write letters or draw pictures outside
  • 'Paint' letters / pictures with water and paintbrush
  • Twisting pipe cleaners
  • Pegging out the washing
  • Lacing cards - you could perhaps create your own with a hole punch
  • Making Hama bead patterns
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Some other useful free websites and apps that can help support different areas of learning...
Oxford Owl
The link below takes you to some useful free resources covering English and Maths and also includes free Oxford ebooks.  Please make use of this fantastic resource.
The 'PhonicsPlay' website mentioned in our home learning letter (below) is currently offering free access to all of their resources without parents having to subscribe. Please log in using the following details:
Username: march20
Password: home
Monday 23.03.20
Naughty Bus  
Please find below the 'Naughty Bus' by Jan and Jerry Oke, read by Mrs Heslop.
We thought it might be useful for you all (parents included) to have seen the original story that we read to both Reception Classes. We hope you enjoy the book and creating your own 'Naughty Bus' stories.
Love from
The EYFS Team
Please find below today's (Friday 20.03.20) Willow Class 'hometime' story for all of our Reception children (and anyone else who'd like to watch too!). Keep looking at the website as we will be continuing to upload more stories from us and other Milford School staff. Please take care and know that we are thinking of you all. Elbow bumps from all of the EYFS team xxx
Friday 20.03.20
Closure due to coronavirus has meant that for the duration of the closure we have provided a pack of activities to keep you and your children busy.  Please do ensure your child carries out as many as possible and keep an eye on the website as additional resources may be added after Easter should schools remain closed.  You can return any learning via email if applicable or alternatively, a photo of completed learning can be sent to the following addresses:


You should also have received your child's login for Discovery Education (Espresso) where there is a wealth of resources available to support your child's learning during this time.

Some useful (child-friendly) information about Coronavirus...
Home Learning Pack
Please find below the main components of the home learning pack sent home for our Year R children together with the accompanying letter.  Please timetable learning to fit with your family's needs.  We are all well aware that every family has their own challenges at this difficult time and do not want anyone to feel overwhelmed.  
We would love to hear from you all next week so please keep in touch. Please do not feel that any message needs to be accompanied by completed home learning - we would just like to hear from you and know how you are getting on. 
Take care
The EYFS Team