Parent Forum/our responses to suggestions

Parents suggestions are always welcome, either by speaking to members of staff or via our 'Suggestion box' at the front of the school.
Where possible we always try to respond to suggestions made.
You have told/asked us:
We like the parents evening booking system
Can the class pages on the website be updated a little more regularly?
Can you check the links on the website?
Can you give further information about parking available for the school?
Can staff workshops run as a mixture of afternoon and evening sessions?
Can more sports equipment go out at playtimes?
We like the school website
Friday Creative Curriculum is great!
Grandparents day was wonderful
We like that you are providing Grandparent Xmas performances.
Can you get a doorbell for the hub?
Can you alter the time on the back gate or remove it please?
Can you explain what some of the stickers the children wear are for?
What we have done:
Teachers are in the process of adding more information/learning photos etc to their class pages
The links on the website have been checked and appear to now be working
More information about available parking has been added to the 'Contact Us' section of the website
Most parent workshops will now be either evening or afternoon (not always both).  We will continue to work on this and ensure whenever possible that plenty of notice is given.
Lots more sports equipment has been going out at playtimes (an order has arrived - we are still unpacking!)
Doorbell hasn't happened yet, but it will!
The gate sign has been removed and parents reminded of times
Sticker explanations are on the parents section of the website.