Milford Science Week 2018

19th March 2018

Science Week  12-16th March 2018


This week has been British Science week and here at Milford we have gone Science mad…or is that turned into mad scientists!

The teachers have planned all sorts of exciting investigations to develop the children’s scientific skills of predicting, observing, recording results, fair testing and reasoning to name but a few, and they have made some super scientific discoveries on the way. The children were even coming up with their own investigations and some brought in experiments they invented at home!

Do you know…

…wrapping up your ice cube to make it warm enough to melt it has the opposite effect? Ask the Year 2 children what they discovered…

…what happens if you put mentos in a bottle of coke? Ask Year 1, but make sure you follow their safety instructions if they’re going to show you. Scientists are very careful to follow health and safety!

…how to create a rainbow on a plate? Find out from Year R. They have been investigating colour and can tell you what happens when all the colours get mixed up. Try looking at the world through a different colour…


All across the school I have been hearing the sounds of awe and wonder as discoveries have been made and experiments have been carried out.

Well done everyone, what fabulous learning from all our super scientists this week.


Mrs Wells