Handwriting and Spelling

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Each week the children at Milford School follow the Penpals handwriting scheme of work from Reception - Year 2. 

The correct pen/pencil grip and a good posture are encouraged from the outset. Correct formation of letter shapes is developed through handwriting patterns.

We encourage children to maintain high standards of presentation in all they do across all curriculum areas. 

Further work in handwriting is linked with the teaching of phonics and spelling. In this way, the children learn to write the sounds they hear and the spelling patterns they have memorised.

We are currently reviewing our approach to spelling and further guidance will be available soon.  As a school we are looking at developing an investigative approach to spelling.  There will be a focus on spelling rules and patterns and how to use and apply spellings in our written work.  We believe this is likely to help the children to retain and use the spellings they learn more effectively than simply learning a list.