At Milford we support our children to grow both physically, emotionally and socially. We believe that if the children see themselves as learners and are given opportunities to succeed they will become confident in their abilities, leading to them making good progress. We believe learning should be interesting, practical and challenging for all. Our curriculum is carefully planned to ensure that each and every child achieves their full potential.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (Reception) is the first part of the National Curriculum focusing on children from 0-5. Our aim is to provide a caring, happy, purposeful and challenging environment in which children can feel secure and confident. We place strong emphasis on learning through a combination of adult led structured activities and child initiated play activities. We try to help children to become accustomed to school routines and practices as quickly as possible, which is supported by a well planned transition for all of our children. The key aim for children in Reception is to begin to write simple sentences and to learn to read and use numbers confidently within 20.

Key Stage 1 (KS1): Key Stage 1 includes Year 1 and Year 2 children (aged 5-7). At this stage, more structured English (including daily phonics and English lessons and a weekly long writing task) and Mathematical learning (including mental maths) are introduced. Learning in KS1 builds upon the EYFS and continues to be practical, active and challenging.

English, Mathematics, Science, Computing and Religious Education are the core national curriculum subjects. History, Geography, Art, Music, PE and Design Technology are known as the foundation subjects. PE is allocated two sessions per week for each class and other subjects are allocated a termly block of time to ensure that they can be studied in sufficient depth.

Teachers plan and organise the learning for each year group to ensure that there is continuity and progression. Children's progress is regularly assessed and work is planned to meet specific needs.

Visits, Visitors and Journeys: At Milford we believe that it is important to plan a curriculum that is broad, balanced and creative and are always looking for ways to enrich our children's learning experience, whether through educational visits or visitors to the school.
Please click the document below to see our current learning expectations for each year group. These are in line with the national curriculum and should give you some guidance about where we aim for the children to be.  These are due to be updated soon.