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Computing lessons are taught throughout the school through the use of Espresso Coding, Purple Mash,, and the Rising Stars Scheme of Work - Switch on Computing.  The children are taught e-safety lessons as part of the curriculum to help them stay safe in school and at home.  Parents can access the Espresso coding website from home via the login details given to them by the school (these can be requested at any time).

Computing is delivered in classrooms using either our set of learnpads or netbooks, giving the children an experience of two different types of modern technology.  We are extremely fortunate to have wireless access across our whole playground, so when the weather is nice, children can be carrying out tasks in the sunshine.

IT is integrated into all other areas of the curriculum wherever it enriches the children’s learning.

Through the use of IT children learn to develop confidence with computers and communication technology, enabling them to develop an understanding of IT and its practical uses in every day life.

Each classroom is equipped with computers and interactive whiteboards with internet access.

Children have lots of opportunities to use programmable battery run toys and recording devices.