Parents who are considering sending children to our school are encouraged to arrange a visit, so that they may see the school in action. Appointments may be made by telephoning the school office on 01483 422087 or emailing us at
On 1st December 2018 Milford School converted from a community school to a foundation school. This means that the Governing Body of Milford School determine it's admission arrangements. For the year 2020/21 the admission arrangements were determined by the local authority -these arrangements are attached below.
To view our Admission Policy please visit our policy page

If any of your preferences is for a community or voluntary-controlled school and you are not offered a place at that school, your child’s name will be put on the waiting list of any higher-ranked preferences than the one offered. The LEA holds these lists and if you want your child’s name to stay on the waiting list in subsequent years you must inform them in writing.

Vacancies on the list will be filled in accordance with the school’s admissions criteria (see above). Please note, priority for places on the waiting list will not depend on the order in which you ranked the schools. No matter how long your child’s name has been on the waiting list, his or her position on the list may change if we add a child’s name to the list who has a higher priority but whose parents were late applying.
Milford School's waiting list is currently maintained by Surrey County Council.

Parents who are considering sending their children to our school, are encouraged to arrange a visit so that they may see it in action and learn more about our approaches to learning. Appointments may be made by telephoning the school’s office staff on 01483 422087.
Surrey County Council Admissions Appeals timetable is available on the Surrey County Council website. 

Settling In

The provision of a stable and happy beginning to school life is one of our fundamental aims. To promote this, all new entrants are invited to spend some time in their reception class during the term before they are admitted. Children will be able to attend school for some visits during the weeks prior to admission.

Parents of all new entrants will be invited to attend a series of meetings, during which they will be given guidance on preparing their child for school. The school’s philosophy, general domestic arrangements, points of safety etc. will be explained at these meetings and a Welcome Pack will be issued. In addition the teacher will undertake a Home Visit in early September with parents and children.